Here are all the recipes I’ve put up so far. Without blowing my own trumpet, there’s some great dinners in here, alongside some less successful, but amusing experiments. Should all be edible at least, even if my photography tries to hide this…





World Food

Pulled Pork Spinach Souffle Beef Larb
Sausage Stew Seafood and Chorizo Paella Pad Thai with Black Pudding
Grilled Lamb with Yoghurt and Mint Aubergine Parmagiana Stir Fry
Burgers Spaghetti and Meatballs Beef Laap (Laotian herby beef salad)
Slow Roast Lamb and Chargrilled Asparagus Roasted Squash and Halloumi Asian Steak Marinade
Tender roast beef, with mustard and cream baked leeks Venison in Wild Mushroom Sauce, with roasted Autumn root veg Five Spice Chicken bun
Spatchcock Roast Chicken, with Cous Cous and Mexican Corn Mediterranean Roasted Veg Burritos
Liver and Bacon, with a sherry gravy Chicken, Mushroom and Pesto Lasagne Noodle Soup
Carrot, squash and fennel soup with flatbreads Sesame Salmon and Pesto Vinaigrette Thai Massuman Curry
Slow Cooker Pulled Pork Mushroom Stuffed Peppers Moroccan Lamb Stew
Turkey Soup Italian Beef with a Courgette and Wild Mushroom Risotto Vietnamese Spring Rolls
Cod with an Oat and Parsley Crust Spinach Soufflé Chicken Enchiladas
Simple Pasta Bake Squash and fennel lasagne Rogan Josh
Tarragon Chicken Wholemeal Gnocchi Sweet Potato Saag
‘Nandos’ Chicken & Sides Catalan Chicken and Escalivada Chachouka
Quail and Asparagus Baked Sea Bass Thai Green Curry
Burgers 2- Lamb and Beef Burgers Chicken Shawarma Chilli Con Carne
Sticky Toffee BBQ Pork Bloody Mary Pasta Fajitas
Liquarice Salmon with Vanilla Mayo Coq Au Vin Chicken Katsu Curry
Scotch and Coke Pulled Beef Brisket Fiduea (Noodle Paella) Mexican Chicken and Rice
Drunken Beer Arsed Chicken Vietnamese Coconut Braised Pork (Thit Heo Kho Trung)
Hangover Proof Salad
Nettle and Barley Risotto


Breakfasts, Lunches, sides and drinks



Snacks and Lunches


Eggs Bennydict Bread Christmas Spiced Rum
Eggs Benedict Welsh Rarebit Christmas Spiced Rum
All Day in the Hole (All Day Breakfast in a giant Yorkshire Pudding) Gnocchi and Pecorino Free From Biscuits
Breakfast Burrito Sherry Basted Sausages Mayonnaise
Gourmet Sausage and Egg McMuffin Tzatziki (or Cirrik if you’re Turkish!) Lemon and Dill Muffins
Cheat’s Bacon Bap Courgettes with Chilli and Mint Red Pepper Relish
Ouefs en Cocotte Mini Scotch Eggs Dairy Free Chocolate and Raspberry Cake
Full English Frittata Almond Pilau Rice Dairy Fudge

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