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Goodbye Davy Jones

I’m coming back from my brief, work related hiatus for a very quick post. Just to say that we probably lost the best of the bunch today.

I’ll be watching this tonight. I was there. I was so lucky to be there.


Now This Probably Isn’t What Anyone Would Call Music 4 – Lionel Richie

The observant amongst you may notice I’ve skipped a digit. There’s just nothing good to cover on 3. White people covering hip hop is played out, so no White Lines, and the Postal Service have done better than I ever could in covering Phil Collins. In it’s place, here they are.

So, onto Now 4, and a song I pretended to like ironically for years, before giving in, and accepting that it’s just brilliant. The video, too, is a work of genius.

Now This Probably Isn’t What Anyone Would Call Music 2

Due to an overwhelming lack of demand, here is a second video blog, or vlog as all those cool young cats are jibing it. A version of Nena’s 99 Red Balloons, sung by this very blogger. With apologies for any offense caused to people who like to hear the German language spoken well, or music performed well.

Now This Probably Isn’t What Anyone Would Call Music 1

The first in an occasional series, which I am releasing surreptitiously, and quietly, as I am fairly sure they’re terrible. In line with the Now! project where I am attempting to review every song from every Now! album, I am also attempting to record a quick and dirty cover of one song from each. Please bear in mind that I am a mediocre guitarist, and a below average singer. As such, I will be trying to cover the stranger, sillier end of the songs on the Now albums

Anyway, here is the first. For your pleasure, Antipathti murders Men at Work.