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Mid Table Matters Podcast Episode 1


So. This is a podcast I have the honour of chairing. And this is our first episode. I’m quite enjoying doing it, and hope it fills the gap in the market where Radio 4 lacks a programme like this.

If anyone from Radio 4 is listening, our rates are reasonable..

Episode 1 is here! We review the first round of Euro 2016 games and look ahead to the rest of the tournament.   Listen here: Or download from here:   We’ll be back on Saturday……

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England vs. Slavery

I don’t normally do this kind of post, but if you only ever read one post I make, please make it this one.

I have started a petition to try to make our government take what action it can to condemn the practices being used to prepare for the 2022 world cup in Qatar. They are using nothing short of slaves to build the infrastructure, several of whom have died already.

I love football. I dream if a repeat of 1966, with England lifting the Jules Rimet trophy after 56 years in the wilderness. But if we win it in a ground built by the suffering and pain of exploited people, it would be a hollow victory.

So please click on the link below. Sign it, and if you’d be so kind, share it with as many people as you’re able.

You will have my gratitude.

A petition to raise an Early Day Motion to condemn modern slavery in the World Cup preparations

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