Hello, and welcome to the 8,858,480th most popular site on the internet! Cripes, when I first put this ranking on as a joke, I was 7 million sites lower than this, so let me start by thanking you for visiting, and getting me to these lofty heights. Next stop, let’s overtake Facebook!

I am a 31 year old, English male biped. I used to spend (waste) a lot of time posting my thoughts and opinions on Twitter and Facebook (shouting into the ether), and thought it would probably be better if I found a productive use of this urge to opine on everything.

It’s basically a blog about food and music, with occasional thoughts on other things, like politics and Lego, because I am easily distracted.

Anyway, hello. Enjoy reading me. Or don’t. Internet is a (relatively) free place. And yes. This is my first post recycled (edit- and now ever so slightly tweaked- THRICE!). You didn’t earn any more.

Me, eating in Vietnam, top left
Me, eating in Vietnam, top left

Finally- if I have gotten free stuff in return for a post I will say. It also won’t affect my opinion whatsoever that it was free, save for maybe a little cheer at having gotten free stuff. If you want to send me enough money (£1000 o.n.o.) I am willing to compromise my integrity in this regard.


11 thoughts on “Me”

    1. And I forgot to say that as a very bad middle distance runner, it’s nice to see research that isn’t the same old ‘have you tried intervals?’ Report runners world prints every month!


    1. Thank you very much! Still pretty new to blogging, and remain incredibly impressed at the great content others produce- I’m not there myself yet, and would love to write some of the thoughtful, insightful music stuff you do, instead of coming up with cruder and cruder ways to insult Paul Weller!

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