Episode 26: Manchester Vs Merseyside

I mentioned when I started that I do a football podcast now, which in part is the reason I’m so poor at updating this blog. This episode covers the pointlessness of kitchen roll, 90’s legends Trev and Simon, and of course last weekend’s football. Give it a try. I have a nice voice. Like David Baddiel with a blocked nose.

Mid Table Matters

After an unplanned week off, MTM is back to discuss the best team on Merseyside’s win over troubled looking Guardiola’s Man City team and another draw between fierce rivals United and Liverpool.

An Iwobi inspired Arsenal heap more misery on the Swans and Chelsea and West Ham look better without their sulky stars.

There’s all the usual extras; the Millwall Minute, Exeter Second, Poem and quiz, and at the very end, a little treat for all those who remember Saturday morning children’s telly with fondness. So, join in and swing your pants.

Listen here:

Or download from here: https://midtablematters.podbean.com/e/episode-26-manchester-vs-merseyside/

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