Now That’s What I Call Music 47


Released-  20th November 2000

Music History

Napster dies. Or goes legit depending on what you used it for. Pearl Jam release 25 albums on the same day, official bootlegs of their tour. And Rage Against the Machine split up, possibly because of their complicity in Nu-metal.

Me History

I start in sixth form, doing my A levels. Because I go to a grammar school, I wear a suit every day, which sounds Badass but I actually looked more nebbish. I do have an amazing 50p suit I found in a charity shop though, which is too big for me, and makes me look like David Byrne in Stop Making Sense.

If I had to save one track from this album, and the rest were to be Burned Down in the House, that track would be… Kernkraft 400. I like zombies. I like synths.


Track by Track Breakdown

Robbie Williams –  “Rock DJ”

Hilariously bad rapping over a ridiculously catchy song. It knows what it is, and as a result remains annoyingly enjoyable to this day.

Modjo –  “Lady (Hear Me Tonight)”

Pretty basic, but definitely danceable disco house. It’s a formula that doesn’t get tired!

Ronan Keating – “Life Is a Rollercoaster”

Trire Hallmark card sentiment over an admittedly catchy tune.

Texas“In Demand”

Yawnsome. Not even worth the effort of the 12 words I’ve typed.

Bon Jovi“It’s My Life”

Sorry Jon and Richie, but after 1995 you’re dead to me, in order that my love for your pop hair metal stays strong.

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