First Birthday- Thank you!


A little notification came up last night saying I’ve been blogging for a year! I didn’t intend to become a blogger, I appear to have fallen into it, but it has been fantastic so far. It’s rekindled a love with writing I hadn’t engaged with since my teens, and I don’t think I would be the cook I am today if it wasn’t for the fact I wanted to get a new dish out to you every Tuesday.

There are so many thanks to other bloggers who have supported me, or just blown me away with the amazing content they put out there, to the people kindly following me, or the 15,000 people who have turned up just to read my idiotic ramblings on food and music (and occasionally politics, Lego, technology and comics). You are all great people, and I will put a good word in the ear of your respective deities that you can have a free pass for your next sin. Doubly so if it involves mistreating a dead chicken.

So thank you all. I’ll keep writing it if you keep reading it.


3 thoughts on “First Birthday- Thank you!”

    1. Thank you! I’ve had a couple of weeks off, because I needed some time away from Steps, but we should be back on Wednesday to destroy the new Millennium! Some of those thanks were for you too! Great to have support from a (much better) blogger!

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