Why does the left seem weak?

This is a great blog, written by a lad local to me and less than half my age. If I could write half as eloquently as he does about politics about anything, I’d be happy! Well worth a follow.


The left these days seems to be in a very precarious situation. The right-wing media say that the left is full of ranting loonies, austerity is flourishing allowing the rich to get rich, and the major leftist parties of old have moved towards a center-right, austerity lite, authoritarian position. This is clearly not what the left wants. So what has happened?

It starts in ’94, with the death of John Smith and the resulting election of Tony Blair as Labour leader. It’s very likely that Labour would have won the ’97 election with John Smith. A week before his death they smashed the Tories in the council election. People were tired of the Conservative Party. His untimely death, however, paved the way for Tony Blair and his followers to morph the Labour party into a center-right party. As the Blairites took over, chasing the center ground, the Overton window moved…

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