I’ve tried in previous years, and have always murdered the poor buggers, but this year I have managed to cultivate a small herb garden, with a little (huge amount) of help from my mum in law.

Only the sage and the basil have gone to the great horticulturalist in the sky, and I have both flat leaf and curly parsley, thyme, rosemary, chives and mint.

I have successfully robbed supermarkets of about £5 a week, and I couldn’t be prouder!








I have no real secrets to offer, save for moving them to bigger pots as they grow, and outside once the weather becomes warmer, insofar as it ever gets warm over here. Oh, and cut off the woody bits on the rosemary or it starts dying.

Next year, I’ll save the sage too. Maybe try some Thai basil as nobody stocks the bloody stuff. As always, the lesson of my blog is that if I can do it, absolutely any shit for brains eejit can!


6 thoughts on “Herbs”

  1. That’s fantastic! My little herb garden has officially bit the dust. I don’t know why but I just can’t seem to grow them. Yet I keep trying! Poor Hubby rolls his eyes every time I come home with a new armload of herbs. 😉


    1. Thanks! The only advice I haven’t included up there is to water them with a spray bottle, so you don’t get carried away and kill them with kindness! That and repot them into larger homes regularly. And good luck next time- my wife used to do the same!


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