Spare Ribs and Pickled Cabbage, failure, and selective blogging

By its very nature, blogging about food encourages a degree of selectivity. You want people to see your successes, as the great food you make encourages people to come back, and aspire to make it themselves.

However, I think this may also be the reason I was afraid to do so for so long, thinking there’s no way I could match up to these fantastic amateur cooks and food writers, who never mess up.

So in order to encourage any enthusiastic readers who have considered blogging about food but haven’t, I MASSIVELY BALLSED UP DINNER TONIGHT.

It was a Tom Kerridge recipe. The sausage I used in the pickled cabbage turned to slurry and caused it to retain the heat of a million suns. As a result, there is no skin in my mouth anymore.

The ribs, while the meat was well cooked, were pretty bland, and could have done with a little more sweetness. Although this may be related to the burnt off taste buds.

The spuds were okay.  Also, the whole meal is kind of fifty shades of grey and brown. It looks like a bloody XBOX game.

So. In short. You will fail a lot. It will be your own fault. And normally you’ll pretend it didn’t happen. But it does. Own those failures. I now know I like my ribs stickier and sweeter, cheap black pudding disintegrates at heat and that you can’t mess up new potatoes with oil and rosemary! Next time I’ll make it beautiful.



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