Election 2015- some thoughts from 4.30am


1. Oh dear.

2. Looking good for the Greens though.

3. If Labour had offered something better than Tory lite we’d be looking at a different result. I might not have even become a Green in that instance. So thanks for no longer representing us, red team.

4. Scottish passport anyone?

5. While a Conservative majority is a bad thing, I do happen to be white, not young, middle class, able bodied, in secure employment and shortly to become a homeowner, so in terms of its effect on my actual life, I think it’s only that my job is in the public sector that is of major concern. However, I try to vote for 60m people (or For the Common Good, if that’s your thing!), and this scares me for any BAME, young, poor, disabled, insecure and  renting people.

6. It’s going to be deeply uncomfortable for the Tories next time, when they have to admit that the economy has shrunk by one whole Scotland.

7. And finally, this one means a lot to me. UKIP will be losing a lot of support soon. All it would take would be continued work by the Green Party to let them know there’s a home for the disaffected, who feel that red and blue alike have shat on them too many times, and that they offer a real program of change to help everyone, rather than hatred towards the foreign. This gives me hope. And yes. I am saying the majority of kippers seem like decent people. Campaigning over the last month has shown me that I too, was a bigot and had written off a lot of people as I disagreed with their party. I was wrong.

8. That doesn’t mean I wasn’t laughing my arse off when Farage lost. Eventually, all clowns slip on that banana peel.

9. ‘Cons’, in French, means cunts. Quite literally, cunts are still running the world.

10. RIP Lib Dems. Although as this happens, Charles Kennedy has lost his seat. I liked that chap. Otherwise, I’m still aggreived that they tricked me last time around.

11. Tory minority government, reliant on the SNP. This could be funny at least.


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