Nature’s Marketing Strategy – A Poem

Once again, my friend, and Real Life Poet Robert Casey, and an inspiring poem imploring you to vote with your heart tomorrow.

Rob Casey


It’s the General Erection.
Banners and boarded hoardings
adorn the roadsides countrywide.
Glossy faces with their pearly whites
frighten children from on high,
despite the hours of Photoshop deblotting,
carefully constructed to fit
the identikit image of ‘genuine’.
“Can you make me look slim?
A more convincing grin?
Warm and familial, yet destined to win?”

There are signs of true blue,
and red and yellow too.
On some exclusive white roads
then purple is on view.
Yet very little Green.
Indeed, their banners can’t be seen
between the multi-coloured adverts
for the ethically obscene.

But still, you only need to travel
around this pleasant land
to see nature has its marketing
meticulously planned.
When May comes round
there may be found
some clues for who to choose:
The rolling fields and leaves on trees
sing green persuasion in the breeze.

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