9 reasons why tactical voters can vote Green in Bristol West

I’m reblogging this, as I am both a newly minted Green, and in spite of the fact I don’t write about it very much, deeply into politics.

Let’s hope (and vote) for some real change this time, not another 5 years of the same old rubbish.


In every ward in Bristol West, Bristol Green Party canvassers are hearing the same thing: “I want to vote Green, but I don’t want the Tories to get in, so I might vote Labour”. Needless to say, Labour love this line of reasoning, and the Greens do not.

If Bristol West was a Labour/Tory marginal, I would probably vote Labour to keep the Tories out, and stay Green for the local elections. But Bristol West is not a Labour/Tory marginal, and it frustrates me to see Labour win votes they don’t deserve by playing on people’s fears.

In an attempt to remedy this situation, I have pulled together in one handy blog post, all the reasons I think it is tactically safe to vote Green in Bristol West. When they are all brought together like this, I hope you’ll agree it makes a compelling case!

1. Ed Miliband is 69%…

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