Full English Frittata

Continuing what you may notice to be a theme of my homemade breakfasts, here is a nice variation on the Full English, that is just perfect for setting aside and snacking on cold later on.

Inspired by my love of the tortilla espanol, a dish that tells me the Spanish too, give breakfast the love and attention it deserves. Muy bueno on them!


6 large free range eggs
Two sausages
Two rashers of bacon
50g butter
Dash of Worcester sauce
Handful of grated cheese


Black pudding
Cherry tomatoes, halved


In a large mug, or a bowl, beat the eggs and set aside.

Deskin the sausages, and chop everything up to a size you find appealing. 1cm works for me.

Melt the butter in a frying pan, at least 9 inches across. Throw everything but the eggs and cheese in and cook until a slight golden crust starts to form.

Throw all the eggs and cheese in, reduce the heat to the lowest possible, season, and cook for 15 minutes.

If the top is still runny after this, slide the frittata onto a plate, then use the plate to flip it, runny side down into the pan for another minute.


Slice it up like cake, and wrap the rest up for cold snacks later.


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