More One Tweet Recipes… #twecipes?

So I thought I’d return to a post from a few months ago. I still like the idea of recipes using 140 characters or less, in part because I’m lazy, and also because minimalism is cool.

These generally stem from a fridge full of half used ingredients, and five minutes thought, and at their best (try the warm chorizo and mackerel salad) can be better and tastier than a big, involved recipe.

As before, I would love to see other people’s twecipes, so please do hit me up! There’s a sidebar on here with my Twitter stuffs on it!

And a recipe, not of my own, for sweet and salty popcorn. Mainly because I am absolutely loving that this delicious snack is turning up in more and more supermarkets. Here’s a way to enjoy it without some hideous preservative clogging up your body.

This is the aforementioned warm salad. I was too busy eating it to snap a picture, which is a shame, as it is also probably the most aesthetically pleasing of the twecipes.

Finally, a very lazy breakfast. Very lazy and very tasty. And posted accidentally on my personal account, which I usually use to rage at the terrible service on the trains. I am that petty…

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