Broken Wings

Another Sunday, another number one, and another hangover. Steve, the author of these original posts wasn’t a fan of this one. I must disagree. It is a maudlin and very depressing song, true, but I like a little gloominess, and the organ backing sounds as though it may have come from a creepy fair where teenagers go missing with alarming regularity. What’s not to love?

Talk About Pop Music

I have a playlist that contains every UK number one song since charts began in 1952. Thanks to EveryHit, this is a fairly simple process. Let’s remind ourselves of these songs.

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2 thoughts on “Broken Wings”

  1. Records, recipes, and rants? Count me in! I had never heard this version of Broken Wings before, only the Mr. Mister song 🙂

    I like the Stargazers, though……I really like that earlier 50s sound that’s very reminiscent of old country (to me).


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