Gourmet Sausage and Egg McMuffin

Obviously McMuffin is a registered trademark of McDonald’s, so from here on in I shall refer to it as a MockMuffin,  and McDonald’s as SuperEvilMegaCorp.

So I’ve been pretty healthy in my posts of late, which is all a little bit dishonest, as I love bad food! The sad thing is, at the weekend where I want it most, SuperEvilMegaCorp stop serving their MockMuffins at half ten, and who can be bothered to leave the house to go to a fast food restaurant that early?

So here, I present the solution to the woes of unreasonable service times, a homemade, high class version of a fast food breakfast treat.


  • 2 good quality sausages or 1 very cheap one
  • An egg
  • Grated cheddar or a processed cheese slice
  • An English muffin


With a pair of scissors, remove the skin from the sausages, and put the contents in a bowl, discarding the skins. Mix a little pepper, and any other seasoning you like with the sausage meat. I like a bit of sage. Anything can work here according to your tastes.


Flatten the sausage out into one or two patties, and cook in a frying pan, in a little olive oil (or if you’re using my more authentic recipe, in a ton of cheap vegetable oil). When these are a few minutes off done, slice the muffin in two, and toast on a low setting. Crack the egg into the pan. If you have an egg ring, use this to make a strangely perfectly round egg. Break the yolk for authenticity, or leave it unbroken for pleasure. Butter your muffin (that sounds euphemistic), sprinkle on a little cheddar, and stack the sausage and egg. image Enjoy. I am yet to make a partnering hash brown that’s good enough, though I suspect this is due to my fear of operating deep fat fryers.

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