Now Stats What I Call Music 2 – 1987-1991

ntwicm In my quest to review the entire history of pop through the medium of the Now albums, I have now listened to 633 songs by 358 different artists, across 20 seperate volumes of the series, which puts me in a hideously unique position as a data geek (and has also permanently affected my ability to accurately judge music forever). I now have a large amount of information on all manner of musical matters.


Of this selection, Now 11, through to Now 20, I can happily say you should buy Now 12 and 17, tied as the best of this lot, and burn Now 19 as a witch. it’s AWFUL.

Heavy Rotation

So, the most featured artists this time round are as follows. A strange selection, about which I can offer nothing but my own confusion.

Early 90’s art design is great!

1) Belinda Carlisle– 6 songs

2) Erasure/Phil Collins/INXS– 5 Songs

3) Neneh Cherry/Pet Shop Boys/Inner City/Bananarama/D-Mob– 4 songs

The Best of the Best

But again, a lot of success is not necessarily a lot of talent. Otherwise, Westlife would be better than the Beatles. If you believe that last statement is true, please go deaf now please, your ears serve no purpose. Qualification is based on two criteria, one, having at least three songs featured, and two, having a quality score of at least 80%* A multiple tie for the number one spot here- some acts just could not make a bad record!

And all the bands looked really cool on the cover of Lookin’ magazine!

1) The Beautiful South/ KLF/ Fine Young Cannibals/ Morrissey/ Salt N Pepa/ Transvision Vamp – 100% from 3 songs A victory for four brilliant bands, a hip hop trio, and the finest dance act Britain ever produced.

2) Neneh Cherry/ Pet Shop Boys – 87.5% from 4 songs Well done the Pet Shop Boys for keeping up the great work from the first 10 Now albums! And Neneh Cherry really came out brilliantly too.

3) Rebel MC/ Tina Turner – 83.3% from 3 songs Looking like a collaboration I would love to hear there. London’s finest rapper and Tina both killed it!

The Worst of the Worst

Or, you’ve let me down, you’ve let pop down, but worst of all you’ve let yourself down. 20% or less off 3 or more songs. You’re on the wall of shame.


1) Brother Beyond – 0% from 3 songs Wow! They really were terrible. Even their Wikipedia page contains no interesting information. Eg White, who wrote Will Young’s Leave Right Now was probably the most interesting thing about the group, and he quit anyway.

2) Cliff Richard/ Climie Fisher/ Hue and Cry- 17 % from 3 songs At least this is a shorter list. All fairly obvious additions, and all deserving of your scorn. And a playlist, for your listening pleasure… Here are the best songs that I didn’t choose as the best song from the last 10 Now! albums. *

There’s a spreadsheet. There’s always a spreadsheet. A great song is given one point, average half a point, and a crap song, nil points. This is then divided by the number of songs and multiplied by 100 to give a percentage score. You just wasted 20 seconds of your life reading this.

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4 thoughts on “Now Stats What I Call Music 2 – 1987-1991”

    1. You too! In some artists case I get the feeling there worst efforts were on the albums- if only they’d gone with others they’d have escaped my ire! Elsewhere I E had to be mean to Phil Collins…


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