Janathon- One week down, three to go!

So the first week of Janathon is complete, and I am feeling pretty okay, save for some mild muscular whining from my hip flexors and a vague sense of ennui that I think happens to everyone in January. So here is the breakdown of my first week of my first Janathon.


Thursday 1st January

As mentioned here, a short and mildly groggy post new year one mile walk.

Total distance- 1 mile

Friday 2nd January

I tried out the wonderful fitness software company, Six to Start’s new(ish) workout tracking app, Superhero Workout. It follows your movements using the front facing camera on your phone, and turns it into a battle against evil. By doing squats. It seems quite fun so far, and I count myself as at least mildly entertained by this app. I’ll write more on this one as I get used to it.

Total workout- 7 minutes

Saturday 3rd January

I just walked a bit. Not a huge amount. About 3 miles, tracked on my pedometer. I know it’s not much, but it counts. If you don’t think it does, I’ll call it a very slow run.

Total Distance- 3 miles

Sunday 4th January

Walked to the largest supermarket in my local area to do the shopping. Realised I miscalculated this by a mile, so instead of a 4 mile round trip, I walked nearly 7, half of which was with a bag full of potted herbs. I believe they call that a farmer’s walk in weightlifting, and I’m claiming that as even healthier as a result. I also used an app called The Walk, which combines the pedometer in a smartphone with an unlockable story, to create a kind of cross between a fitness app, and Radio 4’s Play for Today. Of the more passive fitness apps out there, this is my absolute favourite, and it has followed me around for about 130 miles of walking so far, unlocking about a third of the game. Which is some pretty good value, right there.

Eerie foggy path… yeah.

Total distance- 6.5 miles

Monday 5th January

I know, five days in and no run. Shocking. Fine, here is what it looks like, when fat men run.


Total distance- 3 miles

Tuesday 6th January

You know what? Beyond my walk to the train station to work and back, I didn’t do any proper exercise. But this was day 2 of me quitting smoking, which would be infinitely more beneficial to my health in the long run (even if right now I want to punch the world to death).  So I’m counting it.

The Walk

Total Cigarettes- 0

Total I hate everything- Lots

Wednesday 7th January

Another run, this time while using Zombies, Run!, alongside my usual running app. It’s basically a running app, with added zombies. It was also my first try at some threshold training, which went disastrously, as I coughed up the last working parts of my lungs.


Total distance- 2 miles

Week One totals

Exercise– 7 minutes

Walking– 10.5 miles

Running– 5 miles

So… 15 and a bit miles of movement, and 7 minutes of squats. Yes, it’s crap. Yes, I’m slow moving. Yes, I have grown a flotation device round my waist. But this is the best week’s exercise I’ve done in 3 months, and I’ll only improve from here (hopefully!). My new aims for the next week are;

  • Don’t finish a single day under 10,000 steps.
  • Run at least 13.1 miles over the week.
  • Do at least 15 minutes of bodyweight type exercise.
  • Stay off the fags.

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