Testi, Stoke Newington- Restaurant Review

I saw this article on Vice magazine this morning, which I normally follow for it’s hipster aspirational type articles, so I can vaguely consider eating something quirky and interesting.

My food photography ruins other people’s food too!


But today’s article is about a restaurant I’ve actually had the pleasure of visiting, and I had the joy of trying their specialty Koc Yumurtasi, or marinated lambs testicles. Just so as you know, they are actually very tasty, simply seasoned and served on a bed of rice. The texture is somewhat akin to a pork tenderloin, or gamey cut of meat, closer to a meat than a sweetbread, and so not so much of a difficulty for the kind of cowardly eater who bemoans that they don’t like liver…

I never said I behaved maturely while munching on balls.


The restaurant itself is your normal type of North London Turkish place, fits a lot of people in, and serves them tasty, meat heavy food quickly and efficiently. I had a lovely time eating here, but I would say that there is a better Turkish place in North London, ten minutes further North on the train, at Kervan Sofrasi in Edmonton. Huge plates of well cooked, delicious food, a great atmosphere, all the Efes you can drink, and located far enough from the hipster areas, you may get through your whole meal without being bothered by a Rich Kid of Instagram. But, sadly, no bollocks on the menu…


Address: 38 Stoke Newington High Street, London N16 7PL
Nearest station is either Rectory Road or Stoke Newington
Kervan Sofrasi
Address: 80 Church Street, London N9 9PB
Nearest station is Edmonton Green

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