I just wanted to reblog this, a lovely poem by my friend, and Renaissance man Rob Casey. It made me feel like a cynical fool for grumbling about the whole Movember endeavour. Also, check out his band, The Least Worst Candidates, the biggest thing to come out of Southampton since Leo and Kate.

Rob Casey


Remember, remember
the month of Movember,
bumfluff, machismo and wax.
A time for awareness
by not being hairless;
growing a ludicrous ‘tache.

With whiskers we wish
issues to be listened to,
wearing our hair
while the ladies all stare,
there, where once it was bare
above our labia.
Yet now we proudly entertain ya
with our facial adornments,
more awful than full of awe ornaments
we clumsily fumble when it’s autumnal
to amaze.
A crazy way to make anyone wonder

Why? I’ll tell you why.
To educate and empower other men
to take care about their health.
To visually signify the reasons why
we shouldn’t sit by
when male life expectancy in the UK
is nearly four years less than the fairer sex.
When men have a 14% higher risk
of developing cancer
and a 37% higher chance
of dying from it.
When obesity is easy to see

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