Music Monday Mixtape- Misanthropy (It’s in the air for you and me)

I have spent the last week or so bemoaning the lack of a new band for me to love. I have several handfuls of new hip-hop and pop to love, but in terms of actual bands, there has been nothing. The early noughties trend for copying something from about 20 years ago, and wearing really tight Top Man clothing being the only qualifier for success seems to have spread throughout the indie scene, metastasizing, killing the scene and leaving only a bland husk for the last remaining idiots to gnaw at the remains of.

The fact that the two great hopes this year, Royal Blood and Future Islands, can both be summed up by saying a band name with the word average before it (average Led Zeppelin and average Depeche Mode) pretty much says it all. In fairness, they’re both great live, so there is at least that to enjoy, but even that would be better if they had a single song worth listening to.

Do I sound bitter today? Well, listening to albums by both of these acts have robbed me of four hours I could have spent listening to much better things. Yes four hours, I was naïve and hopeful enough to give each album a second chance. More fool me. Amusingly, the best indie record released this year was a pop song released as part of the soundtrack to The Lego Movie…

This got me thinking about what it is I actually want from my rock and indie bands. Looking over a swathe of my favourite artists, I have come to the horrible realisation that I do love a good old fashioned misanthrope, and no band seems to have the guts to try being anything but some remote notion of cool, anymore. While most of them are capable of a fun and optimistic song too, Modest Mouse, LCD Soundsystem, Tom Waits, Bob Dylan, Pulp, Half Man Half Biscuit, and a good many more are at their best when laying waste to the human race. The aim on this one is to have a clear Side A and Side B, with one side dedicated to grumbling and misery, and the other optimism and happiness and such. But with the same bands on each side. Anyway, here it is, enjoy. Thank you bye now!

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