Blogroll of Honour

One of the principal joys of blogging over the past two months has been seeing the wealth of amazing content people are knocking together on trains, while there’s nothing on the telly, or while their boss isn’t looking.

Before I discovered all this, I’d use RSS (Really Simple Syndication) to follow all the news that I want to see. I still do, it’s a great way not to miss updates from interesting websites. If you don’t do this, and think it would be useful, I use Feedly, across my phone and online and find it really simple and useful. It’s like having a news website that only tells you stuff you want to hear.

Anyways, here are 5 WordPress blogs that have now been added to my own Feedly, because I’d hate to miss an update- please check them out, they all make amazing, quality content and deserve your hits more than I do!

Cooking Up the Pantry – The kind of comforting, homely cookery that I love to read and eat. I’ve tried a couple of recipes from there, and if this were LinkedIn, they’d totally get a reference from me for Tasty.

Longbox Graveyard – A personal comics blog, clearly written by somebody with a lot of care and passion. A brilliant place to find new books to care about.

No Hard Chords – Every number one record ever, reviewed and explained. Currently in the late 60’s, so the perfect time to jump on and enjoy nothing but good music. I imagine it’s a lot more pleasurable than doing every Now album. That’s for idiots.

The Progressive Paradigm – While the name of the blag isn’t great (sorry), this is frequently one of the most interesting, astute and original politics blogs out there. Sits alongside the more right wing, libertarian Guido Fawkes as a counterbalance to keep my politics thought out.

The Wine Lifestyle – Italian food with wine recommendations. I need not say anymore, save for the fact I suspect the writer is a somellier, as the pairings are beautiful, and beat my recommendation of a quick tinny whenever there’s a break in the cookery.

And finally, I have to put in an honourable mention to A Opinionated Man. He posts too regularly to fit in my RSS, but is one of the most supportive bloggers on WordPress, and I’d hazard at least half the people on here have had a hand from him at some point. Top chap.

Anyway, to anybody making stuff to keep the Internet interesting, keep it up! Somebody is interested, even if that someone is just me!


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