As a lover of minimalist writing, and a lover of food, the idea of a recipe in 140 characters or less is very appealing. As a grammarian and serial waffle, it is equally a bloody nightmare. Here are my first five attempts at one tweet recipes, which take all of a minute to write, and with the exception of one, at least 1000% longer to cook!

This started me on these tweets. A quick thought while looking at the pan juices while cooking sausages last night. This adds an oaky, sweet taste that compliments the simple banger really well. Time it right and it will cling to the sausage like delicious napalm.


A basic Mediterranean roasted veg. This is a once a week staple for me. Serve it with sausages, salmon, chops, anything really, apart from maybe dessert.

I ‘invented’ this on Monday. I hate making breakfast on a weekday, but equally cannot stand cereal, so this is a perfect solution. I normally settle for marmite on toast, but am never awake enough to appreciate it. This simple cheat lets me have a breakfast of champions, without having to disrupt my morning routine of coffee and glaring at the wall.

A simplified retelling of a quick recipe from a month or so ago.

A lovely, Asian style marinade for steak that I keep coming back to. Another favourite of mine that hasn’t warranted a full post, and a Paleo style meal adapted from James Duigan’s Clean and Lean books. Also benefits from a dash of soy sauce or Nam Pla, but this took some editing to get down to 140 characters already! See… I can do healthy!

Do feel more than welcome to follow me on there. It’s largely just links and witterings, but I’ll try to chuck a one tweet recipe on about once a week. Also, to all other food bloggers, please take this as a challenge. I want to see more of these!


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