Psychopaths Google the Funniest Things!

So… I was doing some boring back end stuff on this website and looked at the search terms that bring this website up on Google’s webmaster bit. Some of the things people search are terrifying. These are all things which bring a part of the site up in the listings. This terrifies me even more.

Possible taglines for this website:

Honestly, some of this makes me think Google want to do my copywriting. I would happily change the tagline of this blog to any of these (grammar notwithstanding).

  • now thats what i call bullshit
  • bloody motherfucker
  • keep calm and eat souvlakia
  •  i am getting old
  • music that doesn’t suck
  • not fitting in
  • welcome motherfucker
  • shambolism
  • half man half monkey
  • anti idiot
  • signs you’re not an alpha male

Made me happy that my site came up on this search!

Searches that made me think, “Yes! There are other people like me out there that want to read this nonsense!!!”

  • kcor s’tel
  • lovebrum
  • ben groom
  • cricketers with beards
  • nnnn nineteen
  • mr brains fagots ingredients
  • step brothers special sauce

Whut the Flip?

These made me think that the world is a strange and disturbing place. and I truly wish I could know the circumstances and thoughts behind each of these searches.

  • i always find shit out
  • be nice to pharmacists
  • white wine jokes
  • lego cigar
  • naked people on horses
  • batman toilet
  • not great bob
  • and here we see a wild bus drinking from a river
  • my vest
  • bullshit roses
  • bloody organs
  • dirt on my grave
  • tickled men
  • open hour chameleon

This website will be a disappointment if you searched for this.

The disappointment corner. Racism, sexism, and porn searches. And an alarming amount of referrals from people wanting to know if they are furries. I would think that that is fairly apparent, if you were…

And the final one is messing with Danny Brown. You do not mess with Danny Brown.

  • furry test
  • are you a furry test
  •  funny furry comic
  • the furry test
  • massage ao nang happy ending
  • fuck in the living room
  • shagging in public
  • shit shag
  • so you think you can fuck
  • naked elderly people
  • slave eating dog food
  • shit black people do
  • training my slave
  • i have a slave
  • he still loves you. he still forgives you. and you’re still his
  • how women should be
  • what a woman should be
  • danny brown suck

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