All Day in the Hole

A name I use far too much. Nigel Slater. It can’t be helped. Unlike any of the other chefs and cooks, he is neither of those things first. He is foremost an eater. And he likes normal things. A lump of cheese, a good roast with trimmings, a bacon sandwich, smarties. He is refreshingly normal in a world that prides itself on being flashy.

So you can imagine how happy I was, when in last week’s Observer, he had created a Frankenstein’s monster of two of the most comforting meals in the known world. Toad in the Hole and the Full English Breakfast.


I waited all week to do this, and on Saturday my chance came- I visited my sister, who had to get a flight in the morning, and who has recently converted from vegetarianism. It went down well, and as an extra treat, she took a photo of it, so for once, there is an appealing photo of something I have cooked!

The recipe is here, as it would be pretty shameless of me to reproduce it verbatim as if it were my own idea.


The one addition I put in is a dash of Worcester sauce in the batter mix. Along with the mustard, I found it gave it a brown sauce tang, which is essential with a good brekkie.

Worth staying hungry for 40 minutes for.



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