Railay Bay- 8th- 10th December

Railay Bay has no roads, and can only be reached by longtail boat. Our final stop in Thailand is here, and we hop on one round to the bay.


We get there, and after getting a little lost, we find our hotel. On the way, however, monkeys are running around the rooftops. This makes the entire trip! As this is our final stop in Asia, we treat ourselves to a really nice hotel, with a rooftop pool overlooking the sea. It is absolutely brilliant for laid back relaxing, and the view is spectacular.


Railay is another tiny space, with one beautiful sandy bay on one side, with a few shops and restaurants up a little track, and on the other side, a stony tidal dock, with trees growing out of the water, and a little warren of grubby bars and cafes blaring out reggae.

There are actually three main bays, with one North or South of the central bay, a short journey by kayak either way. You can also kayak out to the rocks out at sea, where travellers stack stacks of stones above the tide line, as a little permanent marker of having been here. We did this- you have no idea of the height of these limestone cliffs until you look up from the foot of one of these monolithic beasts- sadly, water + camera= no photos!

wpid-wp-1414061950513.jpeg wpid-wp-1414061909599.jpeg wpid-wp-1414061961115.jpeg

The little restaurants on the front are lovely too, and we ate some of the nicest and largest meals of our time here, and watched people letting paper lanterns up into the sky.

As we leave to get the boat and taxi to Krabi airport, it is with a heavy heart- we’ve seen so much beautiful stuff while here, eaten so well, met lovely people, it was gorgeous (apart from maybe Ayutthaya).

wpid-wp-1414061962039.jpeg wpid-wp-1414061958465.jpeg wpid-wp-1414061910034.jpeg


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