I Love Brum- Castle Fine Art Gallery

I said it before, I love Birmingham. I’m going to start putting new things I find around town on here that have made my day.

I was in the city centre on Sunday with time to kill, and wandered through the International Conference Center. I do this every time I run, as it’s a good shortcut to the canals. I pass by Castle Fine Art every other day, and never notice it. This time, however, I saw a sign saying Alex Ross.

For those of you who don’t know his work, he is responsible for two of the most visually gorgeous comics of all time, Kingdom Come for DC, and Marvels for, well, Marvel. Every panel he draws is a work of art. It sounds like exaggeration, but check either book out. Every single panel.


Anyway, it might not come as a surprise, but I went inside. It is a small selection, but it ran together really well, and is laid out so that you can idle round the 60 or so paintings at leisure, without feeling bothered.

The Alex Ross selection was good, sadly limited to images of Batman and Superman (if they had had a good Green Lantern print, I may have tried to find the £700 by auctioning my internal organs). The size of the prints really shows the enormous amount of care and detail that goes into his work.


They also had art by Ronnie Wood of the Rolling Stones (it’s better than you think, but still not great) and signed prints of Stan Lee comics.

More impressive was the cover:versions series by graffiti artist Temper, an amusing series of urbanised versions of classic album covers.


But the collection that blew me away was by Bob Dylan. I didn’t even know he painted! It’s Van Gogh inspired, but with the kind of incredibly accurate, precise shambolism that makes his music so good. I was blown away. If only I had £25,000.


Anyway, I was really impressed. Can’t wait to see what they get in next. And to win the lottery so I can afford it.


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