Roasted squash and halloumi

Disclaimer- I didn’t cook this. My wife did, and by God it was tasty. Very Autumnal and warming after a grey, rainy day. I sometimes forget that great meals don’t need meat, and halloumi is a great replacement for it. The salty taste and squeaky texture is not like much else. It’s the squid of cheeses. In a good way.

I’m not even sure what squash this was. It was rounder, and had a yellower flesh than the usual butternut, which came out softer and cooked quicker. Bloody nice though.

This is what I think was in it, complete with my wife’s serving suggestions, which I promptly messed up.


  • A medium squash
  • Rosemary
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Chilli
  • Dukkah
  • Walnuts
  • Halloumi
  • Olive oil



Cut the squash into wedges, scooping out the seeds, about three or four cm wide and place in a roasting tray. Drizzle with oil and add rosemary, salt, pepper, and chilli. Put in a preheated oven at around 180c, and cook for about 30- 40 minutes. Better to check regularly after about 25 minutes and see if it’s soft than rely on arbitrary times though.

When the squash is 3 or 4 minutes from being done, heat a grill pan on a medium heat, and add the slices of halloumi. When they have nice burnt lines on either side, they’re ready to eat.


Chop the squash into cubes, removing the skin if necessary*, and sprinkle over some Dukkah and add a handful of walnuts. Toss it all together, and dress with some walnut oil if you wish. Lay the halloumi on top of the squash mix, and serve.

* It depends on the type of squash. Some of the skins cook up nicely and others don’t. I don’t have a list, but you’re cooking it. Taste it. Worst comes to worst, spit it out!


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