Ao Nang- 4th- 7th December

So another boat trip from Ko Phi Phi to Ao Nang. Uneventful, save for the very end, where we have to jump a good meter and a half over water with 20kg backpacks on, because the walkway on our boat has broken! Cheeky tuk tuk drivers try to get us to pay for a bus we had already arranged, warning us that we may be entering the realm of the tourist once more.

Ao Nang is a little more touristy- the following videos we shot show you what to expect of an evening, all from our first night, where we got pleasantly toasted and had Indian food- you miss it while you’re away from the UK! A reggae band, a fire eater, and a police car playing Manu Chao kept us amused, along with the usual buzz of offers from shopkeepers.

The next day was all about relaxing, save for an hour we spend writing postcards, and Christmas cards in time for them to get there on time (ish). Ao Nang is beautiful, with it’s enormous craggy cliffs, and it’s beach with longtail boats zipping off all day long.

The main cliff
Longtail boats


In the evening we wandered the shops and found an amazing all you can eat place, with barbecued meats and a mix of Thai and Western food- after 3 months it was nice to have the option of a break from chilli and Nam Pla (fish sauce).

But by and large our time was spent enjoying the beach, with cold beer and fresh fruit, knowing our Asian adventure was nearly at an end, and soon we would be in Australia, and (oh no!) having to work.

Is that Daniel Craig?



Ao Nang was a very nice town- massively busy and touristy. And so for our final stop before our flights to the next country, we wanted to go back to a little bit of remote paradise, just up the next bay along the coast, at Railay Bay.


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