Cosmic Musicology Test: Music Kicks The S*** Outta Television..

So this is a new one on me, but it is basically applying Zen principles to the random play button on your iPod/phone/spotify/whatever it is you play music on, in order to answer questions for you. I love the idea, it is very Brian Eno, and so I thought I’d join in.

Here are my answers- the detailed explanation and rules follow in the repost, which is from the wonderful blog Steve Says… which has great left field music stuff going on all the time.

1) X Factor Or Strictly?

If You Don’t Want Me to Destroy You– Super Furry Animals, to which I can only assume it means change the channel to the BBC, because otherwise I’ll go Elvis on the telly.

2) Sherlock or Doctor Who?

National Express– Divine Comedy, so with a reference to travel, I am assuming that Peter Capaldi wins this round.

3) Eastenders or Corrie?

Cut Chemist Suite– Ozomatli, to whit, I have no clue. Maybe some sort of Hispanic telenovela would be better suited to my tastes?


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