Music Monday Mixtape- Bloody Nonsense

I thought I’d start sharing some playlists, as I miss the days of pressing play and record at the same time and making my own compilations, which would kung fu kick the arse of the proper ones.

Anyway, they’re all going to have a theme, as all good mixtapes should. And the theme of this first one is pretty simple. Songs with some form of nonsense lyric in it.

From the Ooga-chakka of Hooked on a Feeling, to the Goons’ Ying-Tong-Iddle-I-Po, it’s all so much more fun than po faced seriousness. Although Korn and Nirvana also feature if you like your nonsense with a degree of angst.

Finally, it also features what I suggest may be the first time the word motherfucker is inferred in music history, in Alley Oop. I went for the Bonzo Dog version, because Viv Stanshall’s syrup laden vocal makes it that much funnier.

Anyway, enjoy, and feel welcome to suggest what I should add!



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