Creamy Gnocchi- a 5 minute midnight snack

Made from the crap that was lingering in my fridge from a couple of failed and unblogged recipes this week*.



Creme fraiche
Hard cheese (pecorino for me, any cheese would work)


You can work this one out really. Boil the gnocchi for 2 minutes, drain it, reduce the heat, add the creme fraiche, season with salt and pepper, grate in some cheese, stir until melted. Squodge a bit of lemon on and eat. Tart and creamy filling snack in no time.

EDIT- The next day. I made this again with milk instead of crème fraiche, and no lemon. It was a lovely bowl of creamy peppery goop, and absolves you of needing pretentious ingredients round the house!


* Mexican corn on the cob, which was tasty, but I couldn’t get it all to hold together, and a spinach and cannellini bean puree which ended up as a horrible soup.


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