Equal Payback Project- 3.5 Billion Women Should be a Whole Lot Angrier

This is a new crowdfunding campaign to raise $29 trillion dollars over the next month, and pay every woman in America the lost difference in wages compared to men, over their lifetime. America is one of the better countries for equality. Women are paid 78c for every dollar a man makes.


I genuinely hope this works. I know it won’t. Anyway, from my limited experience (being married) women seem to work harder, and be better able to cope with the level of multitasking modern work requires. Face it, the days where being able to lift and hunt good for tribe being a good criteria are done. Regardless, equality is in everyone’s interest. In the years before women were commonplace in all workplaces, how many Marie Curies, Benazir Bhuttos, and Kim Deals had we missed out on?


But I don’t know how women aren’t burning down our cities over this. It’s the 21st century. What are we playing at? As an entire species, we could do better.


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