Welsh Rarebit Crumpets

After reviewing Jane Grigson’s book, English Food, how could anyone help but be hungry? I was going to cook this exactly by the book, but somebody had picked up crumpets, and I love crumpets. The way the cheesy mixture seeps and permeates the soda holes in the crumpets makes for a delicious lunch. And it took the same amount of time as a bacon sandwich, if you like your bacon crispy.

Essentially, much like our cricket team, I’m stealing from the Welsh, and covering up for it by adding some Englishy Englishness.


2 toasted crumpets
100g grated cheddar or other everyday cheese
2 tbsp milk
1tbsp butter
1tsp wholegrain mustard


Melt the cheese with the milk, in a milk pan over a very low heat, stirring frequently. When the cheese is of a smooth consistency add the butter, mustard, salt and pepper. You have my permission to add more mustard.


When you have a bowl of creamy goop, put the toasted crumpets in a small ovenproof dish, and pour over the creamy sludge.

Stick under a high grill till its brown and bubbly. Transfer to a plate and eat while lethally hot. Feel free to hum Jerusalem or March no.4 from Pomp and Circumstance to complete the experience.



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