My Living Room is Awesome! (part 2- bed)

Not a normal living room, the bed can confuse- my wife and I are currently living at her parents while we save for a house, and her dad converted a garage into a little granny flat for us. Eventually, I’ll tidy up in there, and post a picture, but decency prevents me till my pants and socks are put away. Anyway, the next big bit is our bed! For furniture geeks, it’s a queen size leather and oak bed, from Dwell, a company I used to work for, and who sadly nearly went out of business last year. Thankfully, they’re still around, albeit in a reduced capacity. As a former employee, I have to say this may be for the best- in their haste to expand, they did forget to look after their employees so well, which is what prompted me to move on. I hope that they regain their successes, and don’t forget their mistakes of the past, as the guys at the top were sound.



So this was a bit more complex, because I didn’t have a very large base piece to lay the matress on top of.

I used:

  • 10 brown 4×1 bricks
  • 2 brown 3×1 bricks
  • 2 any color 2×2 bricks
  • 8 cream 4×2 bricks
  • 1 cream 6×1 plate
  • 2 cream 2×2 bricks with a roof type slant (the pillows- I don’t know the technical term!)


1) Base – lay 6 of the brown 4×1 and the 2 3×1 bricks in a rectangle 8 studs wide and 9 studs deep. In the gap in the middle, put the the two 2×2 any colour bricks- these will support the duvet/matress part.

2) Mattress/ Duvet– lay the 8 cream 4×2 bricks from the front to the back of the bed- the any colour bricks should hold these in place so the middle doesn’t collapse.

3) Headboard– place 2 of the remaining 4 brown 4×1 bricks to fill the 1 stud gap at the back of the bed, then place the other 2 on top of these. Place the cream plate on top of this.

4) Pillows– place the two remaining pieces where you’d imagine pillows should be.

Et voilĂ !



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