My Living Room is Awesome!!! (part 1- sofa)

So, in case you couldn’t work out that I am a bit nerdy already, let me tell you I am an AFOL. Which is apparently the preferred nomenclature for an adult fan of Lego.

My dear sister go some freebie lego a while ago and gave it to me, whereupon it sat on my shelf for six months. The onset of insomnia, brought on by an abortive attempt to quit smoking left me sat in the living room with nothing to do in the middle of the night. Half an hour later, I had built a tiny spaceship, entered a state of zen like calm and was ready to sleep.

After that it was all downhill, and I’d treat myself to a set each payday. My most recent has been the Lego Architecture- Seattle Space Needle, which looks fantastic, but was too quick to finish, and a little overpriced. I still love the look of the Lego Architecture range though, and may well treat myself to another soon, probably Big Ben.


Inspired by my minor disappointment in this set, and bolstered by Warren Elsmore’s fantastic book, Brick City, I decided I would try to build something without a blueprint. Brick City has many wonderful real life creations in it, including Charles Bridge in Prague, Flinders Street and it’s surroundings in Melbourne, and most of London’s landmarks, but I felt that as a start I should go smaller and closer to home, so I decided that I would make my living room in Lego.

I purchased two base pieces and a 650 brick pack of Lego from my local supermarket (I am a hypocrite), and started last night by constructing my lovely Ikea sofa. It is a dark blue Karlstad sofa, and it looks like this.

The Scandinavian choice for the lankier couple
The Scandinavian choice for the lankier couple

Now… I only have dark grey or bright blue pieces, so in the interest of it looking fun, rather than realistic, I went for the louder hue. I also lacked a blue base piece, so there is a light grey piece holding the structure together, which I intend to swap out one day. Although I quite like how it defines the top and bottom of the sofa.

Anyway, to build this, you will need;

  • 4 1 x 1 Brown bricks
  • 1 8 x 4 Blue plate
  • 4 2 x 3 Blue bricks
  • 4 1 x 4 Blue bricks
  • 3 2 x 2 Blue bricks


  1. Legs- Put one brown brick in each corner of the blue plate.
  2. Arms- Place two of the 1 x 4 bricks at each of the shorter ends of the plate, then place the other two on top of these.
  3. Back- Place two of the 2 x 3 pieces at the back of the plate, then place the other two on top of these.
  4. Cushions- Place the three 2 x 2 bricks in the remaining gap at the front.


Wahey! You probably could have worked something this simple out yourself!


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