Vientiane (part two)- 6th to 15th November

A return to Vientiane. Originally we had planned to travel down to the 4000 Islands in the South, but were advised not to with the onset of Typhoon Haiyan, and the continued case of… ahem… digestive system delicacy (WHO KNEW THIS COULD LAST 2 WEEKS!)

As a result, this will be a shorter entry than usual. Firstly, this might have been the nicest hotel of our entire stay- the Vientiane Garden Hotel. Populated by a nice mix of travellers and Thai holidaymakers, with incredibly comfortable rooms (an essential when you’re unable to leave!).

Secondly, I haven’t gotten across just why we loved this city quite so much- I’ve found a nice article by somebody else which I hope sums it up better!

It really is amazing- I wish we could have had at least another week here, it is such a warm, interesting and laid back place.


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