Sukhothai 16th-22nd October

The first thing to hit about Sukhothai New Town after our previous stops is that they don’t expect so many English people there. This is a very Thai town, with very few hawkers trying to sell you suits/taxis/massages/drugs. We arrived around sunset, as their Night Market kicked off in earnest. The market is based round a Buddhist Wat, with a huge statue, and a big portion of the market is run by the monks themselves. A big town festival was starting in a few days, and they had a small (and incredibly rickety) fun fair, and a small area where locals were playing matches of a strange hybrid of football and badminton…

A luvverly bunch of coconuts
They don’t have the hang of ripping people off here. For 20 baht (40p), we won 4 toys.

We also found several lovely restaurants. The first in a shed by the river;

The second had the greatest name ever;

Surprisingly tasty

And the final one, Dream Cafem just had the best food ever, and a selection of alcoholic elixirs claiming to give you energy, good health and virility!

Spring rolls 3 ways
Larb or Laap or I don’t know they keep changing the spelling. Minced meat with mint and basil and chilli. It’s lovely,
Various potions and crazy decor.
Chicken fried in banana leaf.

The main draw of the town is the UNESCO protected historical park in the old town. Tens of temples built by various rulers and kings over decades- proper Indiana Jones type stuff. You have to cycle round to see even half in a day!

Jenny being excitable

In other news… Ben ate insects and we failed to get a good picture of the music festival that we went to!

Grubs are horrible.
Grasshoppers not so bad
ROCK. Or bad pop to be honest…